BOEING 747-100/200 (CLASSIC)


Title: Boeing 747-100/200

The Boeing 747 first flew in 1969, was the first wide-bodied airliner which brought affordable international air travel to the general public, and became one of the most recognisable shapes in the sky with its distinctive hump. The aircraft originated with the USAF contest for the large transport aircraft which became the C-5 Galaxy. When Boeing lost that contest to Lockheed, they turned their attention to the civil market and adapted elements of their design into a new large capacity airliner.

The initial -100 variant was superseded by the -200 with more powerful engines and a greater take-off weight. An extended upper deck brought the -300. The -400 which entered service in 1989 was extensively updated with new engines. new systems, two-crew glass cockpit, and winglets.

This title contains the flight manual for the Boeing 747-100/200 and two interesting manufacturer’s brochures. The files have been scanned from the original documents and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight Handbook for the Boeing 747-100/200, last revised on 13-10-97 with approx. 837 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s technical brochure titled “Boeing 747 Flight Deck and Environmental Conditioning System”, Boeing document D6-13911 dated March 1968 with approx. 98 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s publicity brochure titled “747 – 10 years of Technological Evolution”, Boeing document V9162 dated February 1980 with approx. 22 pages.