Title: Boeing F-18E/F Super Hornet

The F-18E/F Super Hornet is developed from the original F-18 series, and although appearing very similar visually, it is larger and is an almost completely new airframe. It shares many systems with the earlier aircraft including avionics, armament, radar etc. The type first flew in 1995 and entered service in 1999. Australia is the sole export customer as at 2016. A specialised electronic warfare version to replace the EA-6B Prowler has been developed as the EA-18G.

This title contains the electronic flight manuals and checklist for the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and a preliminary manual for the EA-18G Growler.



This title contains:

  • A/F-18E/F (S/N 165533 & up) NATOPS Flight Manual, NFM A1-F18EA-NFM-000 dated 15-9-08 with approx. 934 pages.
  • A/F-18E/F (S/N 165533 & up) Preliminary Pilot’s Checklist, NFM A1-F18EA-NFM-500 dated 1-11-99 with approx. 176 pages.
  • A/F-18E/F (S/N 165533 & up) Flight Manual Performance Charts, NFM A1-F18EA-NFM-200 dated 1-7-02 revised to 1-8-06, with approx. 408 pages.
  • EA-18G (S/N 166855 & up) NATOPS Preliminary Flight Manual, NFM A1-E18GA-NFM-000 dated 15-5-08 with approx. 862 pages.