Title: Bristol 171 Sycamore Nos 1 and 2

In 1944 the Bristol Aeroplane Co formed a helicopter division under well-known helicopter engineer Raoul Hafner. The first product from this division was the Model 171 Sycamore which first flew in 1947. 178 examples had been built when production ended in 1959, mostly for military operators, seeing service in Germany, Belgium and Australia as well as the British Army and RAF.

We offer two titles for the Sycamore which contain the flight manuals and a maintenance manual for civil and military versions of the Bristol Sycamore. The files have been copied from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.

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Title 1 contains:

    • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Bristol Sycamore HR.Mk.14, AP 4361G-PN dated Feb 58, approx 56 pages.
    • RAF Descriptive and Servicing Manual for the Sycamore HR.Mk.14, AP 4361G Volume One amended to March 1957 with approx. 254 pages. (Includes a supplement to cover the Sycamore Mk 51, as AP4361F Vol 1.)

Title 1 contains:

    • German Luftwaffe Flight Manual for the Sycamore B171, GAF TO 1H-B171-1 dated January 1968 with approx. 95 pages. (In English, but missing Appendix One, the performance data.)
    • Manufacturers Pilot’s Notes for the Bristol Sycamore (Type 171 Mk 4) for Australian National Airways, at AL.3 dated 1-10-58, 82 pages.