Title: Curtiss SB2C Helldiver No 1 and 2

Designed to a US Navy specification for a new scout-bomber to replace the earlier biplane SBC Helldiver, the first Curtiss XSB2C Helldiver was flown in 1940. Large scale production was quickly authorised and it entered US Navy service in 1942. This was the final combat aeroplane built by the famous Curtiss company and with over 7,000 examples produced was the most numerous of all US Navy dive-bombers.

A version was built for the Army as a land-based dive-bomber without folding wings as the A-25. None saw operational service and were either transferred to the Marines or used a trainers.

We offer two titles containing four flight manuals for various models of the Curtiss SB2C and one for the A-25. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.

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Title 1 contains:

    • Curtiss produced US Navy Pilot’s Handbook for the SB2C-1-1C airplane, dated 31-1-44 with approx. 130 pages.
    • US Navy Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the SB2C-3/4, SB2F-3/4 and SBW-3/4, NAVAER 01-25AC-501 dated 15-7-45 with approx. 87 pages.
    • Curtiss produced booklet titled “Pilot and Beast – what every young pilot should know about the Helldiver”. A somewhat lighthearted introduction to the Helldiver aircraft for the pilot just transitioning, undated with approx. 42 pages.

Title 2 contains:

    • US Navy Preliminary Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the SB2C-5, AN 01-25AD-1 dated 1-5-45 with approx. 68 pages.
    • Curtiss produced Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the A-25A, Curtiss Service Engineering Publication 4, undated with approx. 66 pages.