Title: Curtiss SO3C-2 Seamew

The SO3C Seamew was developed by Curtiss-Wright as a replacement for the earlier SOC and OS2U as the US Navy’s standard floatplane scout, although it had to be able to be operated both as a floatplane and a landplane with the float replaced by fixed landing gear. Unfortunately the aircraft suffered several serious problems, including poor stability, poor performance, and poor engine reliability. Although over 790 were built it lasted only a few months in service with the US Navy and the Royal Navy before being withdrawn.

To maximise value, this title contains the flight manual for the Curtiss SO3C-2, plus the flight manuals for two other US Navy scout aircraft, the Vought OS2U-3 and the Curtiss SC-1.  The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Curtis produced US Navy Preliminary Pilot’s Handbook for the SO3C-2C airplane, 2nd Edition dated September 1942, with approx. 88 pages.
  • Vought-Sikorsky produced US Navy Pilot’s Handbook for the OS2U-3 airplane, Report 5409 issued 11-12-40 with approx. 23 pages.
  • US Navy Pilot’s Handbook for the Curtiss SC-1, AN 01-25DC-1 dated 15-2-46 with approx. 62 pages.