Title: Dassault MD450 Ouragan

The Dassault MD450 Ouragan was the first French built jet fighter-bomber and played a key role in the revitalisation of the French aircraft industry in the 1940’s. The prototype first flew in 1949, only 18 months after work on the project started.

This title contains the flight and maintenance manuals for the Dassault Ouragan. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.



This title contains:

  • Armee de l’Air Manuel du Pilote for the M.D.450 Ouragan, the French flight manual, document N.C.C.36 dated April 1953 with 102 pages. (In French).
  • Armee de l’Air Carte De Service “Pilote” for the M.D.450 Ouragan. This is a 14 page multiple fold-out pilot flight manual, document S.C.C.3 dated 21-12-51 with approx 14 pages. (In French).
  • Maintenance Manual for the Ouragan, titled “Notice Technique”. In the standard early 50’s French military format including description, maintenance, weight data, dismantling, etc. Document N.C.C. 36 dated June 1955 with approx 440 pages.