Title: De Havilland DH110 Sea Vixen No’s 1 and 2

The De Havilland Sea Vixen was originally designed as the DH110 as an all-weather interceptor for the RAF, in competition with the Gloster Javelin. The tragic 1952 Farnborough accident persuaded the RAF in favour of the Javelin but the DH110 found favour with the Royal Navy.

The first navalised Vixen flew in 1955 and made its first carrier landing in 1956. Entry into squadron service took place in 1959 and 100 examples of the initial FAW.1 version were built. The FAW.2 entered service in 1964, and featured provisions for carrying the Red Top infra-red homing missile. The twin booms had also been extended forwards to increase fuel capacity. One example, XP924, was converted to unmanned drone configuration and remained in service at RAE Llanbedr until 1991.

We offer two titles on the Sea Vixen, containing flight manuals for the main versions of the De Havilland Sea Vixen naval strike fighter, plus additional brochures which gives additional technical details, including the layout of the Observer’s cockpit.  The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages. Each title is US$9.95.

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Title 1 contains:

  • Royal Navy Pilot’s Notes for the Sea Vixen FAW.1, the first production version,  AP 4647A-PN, dated Jan 60, with approx 185 pages.
  • Royal Navy Operating Data Manual for the Sea Vixen FAW.1, AP 4647B-OD, dated July 60, with approx 70 pages.
  • Pilot’s Notes for the Sea Vixen D.3, produced by British company Flight Refuelling Ltd, covering the drone version of the aircraft. Publication FR12/84 with approx 160 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s brochure, produced to present the DH110 as meeting Canadian requirements, DH Aero Dept document 110/37/RLT/PS dated Nov 58 with approx 93 pages.

Title 2 contains:

  • Royal Navy Pilot’s Notes for the Sea Vixen FAW.2, the second production version. AP 4647B-PN (AP 101B-3002-15), dated Jun 64, with approx 216 pages.
  • Royal Navy Sea Vixen Tactical Manual, undated, with approx 287 pages. Saved and scanned by a former RN pilot, who had removed the pages classified as confidential or secret at the time he kept it when the aircraft were retired.
  • Manufacturer’s brochure covering the DH110 Vixen, a  version of the aircraft De Havilland were trying to sell to the RAF  and other foreign air forces as a land based fighter.  Dated May 68, with approx 45 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s brochure presenting a project study of the DH110 airframe fitted with RB163 (Rolls-Royce Spey) engines, DH Aero Dept document 110/46/WAT dated Feb 60 with approx 120 pages. Classified Secret at the time.