Titles: Fiat G91 No’s 1 to 3

The Fiat G91 was designed to meet a NATO requirement for a light strike fighter which could be used by all NATO members. The contest was won by Fiat with their G91 design, partly based on a scaled down F-86. The aircraft first flew in the late 1950’s but was used only by the Italian, German and Portuguese air forces, primarily
in the light attack and reconnaissance roles. A twin seat training variant was also produced.

In the late 1960’s Fiat produced an enlarged twin engined variant known as the G-91Y but this was used only by the Italian air force.

We offer three titles on the G91 aircraft, containing flight manuals for most variants of the G91 including manuals in English and Italian, plus two nice manufacturer produced brochures. Each title is US$9.95. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages, unless otherwise stated.

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Title 1 contains:

  • Flight Handbook for the G91 dated 1958. This is likely to be the first manual for the aircraft applicable to the prototypes. In English with approx 140 pages.
  • German Luftwaffe Flight Manual for the G91-T3, GAF TO 1-G91(T3)-1 dated 1-1-66, approx 310 pages. In English.

Title 2 contains:

  • German Luftwaffe Flight Manual for the G91-R3, GAF TO 1-G91(R3)-1 dated 1-3-64, approx 198 pages. In English.
  • NATO Flight Manual for the G-91-R4, in English, T.O. NATO 1RF-G91-R4 dated 20-5-61 revised to 20-7-61, with approx 146 pages. This is the only “NATO” flight manual we have ever seen. The manual is in English and the aircraft on the cover photo are in Portuguese Air Force markings.

Title 3 contains:

  • Italian air force (Aeronautica Militare) flight manual for the G91R/1. “Istruzioni E Norme Per Il Pilotaggio”, CA.11-G91R/1-1 dated 15-7-62, with approx 215 pages, in Italian.
  • Italian air force (Aeronautica Militare) flight manual for the G91Y. “Istruzioni E Norme Per Il Pilotaggio”, AA.1F-G91Y-1 dated 1970, with approx 277 pages, in Italian.
  • Manufacturer’s detailed technical proposal document titled “G91Y Weapon System” dated May 1966 with approx 75 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s colour brochure on the G91Y, undated with approx 39 pages.