Title: Fletcher Fu24

The Fletcher Fu24 was designed to meet a New Zealand government specification for an agricultural aircraft and first flew in 1954. It was the most successful contender (the other two being the Auster Agricola and the Edgar Percival Prospector) and established a dominant position in the NZ market. The first 100 odd examples were supplied as kits and assembled in NZ, and from the early 1960’s production was transferred to NZ in its entirety. Initially by Hamilton company Air Parts (NZ) Ltd, subsequently known as NZ Aerospace Industries Ltd when merged with another company, and then Pacific Aerospace Corporation.

Throughout its 20 odd year production span in NZ the type was subject to numerous upgrades to increase weight and engine power, including several turbine powered variants. A total of nearly 300 have been built and examples are operated all around the world. The Fu24 was also the basis of the later Cresco turbine agricultural aircraft, and the 750XL turbine utility aircraft, both of which were effectively new types and had their own type certificate.

This title contains two flight manuals and manufacturer’s brochures for the earliest models of the Fletcher Fu24. The files have been scanned from the original documents and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Flight Handbook for the Fletcher Utility Model 24, Handbook 24-1 dated 15 October 1954 with approx. 34 pages. (The original aircraft.)
  • Manufacturer’s Flight Operation Manual for the Air Parts (NZ) Ltd Fu24 Mk II, handbook App 24-1 dated August 1966 with approx. 59 pages. (As manufactured in New Zealand, with the IO-470-D engine.)
  • New Zealand Aerospace Industries manufacturer’s Brochures for the Fletcher Fu24 series dated around 1975 with approx. 26 pages. (Covers the FU24, the Fu24-950, the Fu24-1284 turbine model, plus comparisons with other agricultural aircraft, and a “Flight” report on the Fu24-950.)