MIL Mi-4


Title: MIL Mi-4

The MIL MI-4 was a Russian transport helicopter designed in response to the US H-19 helicopter and the use of helicopters in the Korean war. While very similar in general layout it was a larger and heavier helicopter, and eventually built in greater numbers. Over 4,000 were built including licence production in China. It saw service with most Warsaw pact countries but was also the workhorse of the Indian Air Force for many years.

This title contains three detailed technical manuals in Russian for the MIL Mi-4. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.



This title contains:

  • Manual “инструкция зкилажу вертолета” (Instruction Manual for the Helicopter) for the MIL Mi-4A, dated 1972 with approx. 240 pages. In the RUSSIAN language.
  • Manual “Техническое Описание” (Technical Description) for the MIL Mi-4, dated 1957 with approx. 375 pages. In the RUSSIAN language.
  • Manual “АЛЬБОМ по ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИЯ И ТЕХНИКА ПИЛОТИРОВАНИЯ” (Album of Operation and Pilot Technique) for the MIL Mi-1 and Mi-4, dated 1962 with approx. 141 pages. In the RUSSIAN language.