Title: Handley-Page Heyford

The Handley-Page HP50 Heyford first flew in 1930 and was the last British biplane heavy bomber. 125 were built and they formed the mainstay of the RAF heavy bomber fleet during the late 1930’s until being replaced by more modern types such as the Whitley and Wellesley. They were declared obsolete in 1939 but odd examples soldiered on in specialised roles such as glider towing and aerial refuelling until 1941.

This title contains the RAF Air Publication Volume One (Descriptive & Servicing Manual) for the Heyford along with the Aircraft Profile for the Heyford, plus to give value, the RAF Air Publication Volume One for another Handley-Page bomber, the later Harrow. (It was too early to have pilot’s notes). The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • RAF Air Publication AP 1468C Volume 1, 2nd Edition dated November 1936, covering the Heyford III aeroplanes with Kestrel VI engines, with approx. 126 pages.
  • RAF Air Publication AP 1532A Volume 1, 1st Edition dated February 1937, covering the Harrow I aeroplanes with Pegasus X engines, with approx. 110 pages.
  • Aircraft Profile publication No 182 covering the Handley-Page Heyford, dated 1967 with 12 pages.