Title: North American AJ-1 Savage

The AJ-1 Savage was developed specifically to deliver nuclear weapons. It’s curious mixture of piston engines and one jet engine was a result of both the lack of performance of early jet engines and the high weight of early nuclear weapons. However its size made it cumbersome to operate on the few aircraft carriers that could accommodate it, and it also proved unreliable in service due to its rushed development.

A turbo-prop powered version of the Savage was built as the XA2J Super Savage but engine reliability problems delayed development until the introduction of the jet-powered A-3 doomed the project.

The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals unless stated and retain any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • US Navy Pilot’s Handbook for the AJ-1 Savage, AN 01-60AAA-1 dated 1-9-49, approx 74 pages.
  • US Navy Flight Handbook for the AJ-1 Savage, AN 01-60AAA-1 dated 15-7-53, approx 254 pages.
  • Manufacturers Pilots Handbook for the XA2J-1, Report NA-49-266A dated 1-4-53 with approx 113 pages.  (Scanned from an archive photocopy).