Title: Hispano HA-200 Saeta

The Saeta was designed by Willie Messerschmitt and first flew in 1955, entering service in 1962. It became the standard jet training aircraft in Spain and was developed into several variants, including armed variants which saw active service in the Spanish Sahara in the early 1970’s. The aircraft was also adopted by the Egyptian Air Force and 90 examples were built in Egypt by the Helwan Air Works.

This title contains the Spanish Air Force flight manual for the Hispano HA-220 Super Saeta plus several manufacturer’s publicity brochures and, to give value, the Spanish Air Force pilots handbook for the Huarte Mendicoa HM-1. The files have been scanned from the original documents, unless otherwise stated, and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Spanish Air Force (Ejercito Del Aire) flight manual (Manuel De Vuelo) for the Hispano HA-220 Super Saeta (known as the C-10C in Spanish Air Force service), document OT.1C-10C-1 dated February 1973 with approx. 258 pages. (In the Spanish language, produced from a photocopy.) The C-10C was a single-seat armed version developed for the ground attack role.
  • Manufacturer’s publicity brochure for the Hispano HA-200R-1 Saeta (in the French and Spanish languages) undated plus three other leaflets on the HA200/220 in Spanish and English, totalling approx. 24 pages.
  • Spanish Air Force (Ejercito Del Aire) pilot’s handbook (Manuel Del Piloto) for the Huarte Mendicoa HM-1 (known as the INTA EE-4 in Spanish Air Force service), document MT.11 dated June 1953 with approx. 54 pages. (In the Spanish language.)