Title:  McDonnell-Douglas MD-88 MD-90

The MD-80 series of airliners was a development of the DC-9 and initially known as the DC-9 Series 80. It had a stretched fuselage, enlarged wings and more powerful engines, and could carry up to 155 passengers. The first example flew in 1979 and it was in production until 1999 with a total of 1,191 of all variants produced

The MD-88 was the last MD-80 variant launched in 1986. It was similar to earlier variants but introduced a new electronic EFIS cockpit.

The MD-90 was a further stretch of the airframe intended to compete with the 737NG/A320 and used the IAE2500 turbofan engine. Only 116 examples had been built when produced was terminated in 2000.

This title includes the flight manual, training manual and quick reference handbook for the MD-88 and MD-90 as produced by Delta Airlines. The files have been produced from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Delta Airlines produced Operations Manual for the MD-88 / MD-90, two volumes. Volume I at revision 11 dated 2-6-08 with approx. 368 pages, and Volume II at revision 2 dated 11-8-08 with approx. 782 pages.
  • Delta Airlines produced Flight Crew Training Manual for the MD-88 / MD-90, at revision 5 dated 2-6-08 with approx. 368 pages.
  • Delta Airlines produced Quick Reference Handbook for the MD-88 / MD-90, at revision 8 dated 10-3-08 with approx. 460 pages.