Title: Luftwaffe (Includes Messerschmitt ME110)

The ME110 was a twin engined heavy fighter which first flew in 1936. While the aircraft had some success in the early stages of WW2, the battle of Britain exposed it’s lack of agility in the air. A total of just over 6,000 were built.

To maximise value, this title contains a series of booklets covering the ME109, ME110, JU88 and HE111 produced somewhat surprisingly during WW2 by the RAF, possibly to assist escaped allied aircrew who might get the opportunity to “hitch a ride” in one. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Air Ministry Pamphlet AM 114C titled “Instructions for Flying the ME110”, undated with approx 9 pages.
  • Air Ministry Pamphlet AM 114D titled “Instructions for Flying the JU88”, undated with approx 13 pages.
  • Air Ministry Pamphlet AM 114B titled “Instructions for Flying the HE111”, undated with approx 11 pages.
  • Air Ministry Pamphlet AM 114A titled “Instructions for Flying the ME109”, undated with approx 11 pages.