Title: MIG-23 Nos 1 and 2

Designed in the mid 1960’s as a successor to the MIG-21, the MIG-23 first flew in 1967. In addition to a much more powerful engine it included a variable sweep wing. This allows a heavy weapons load to be carried while giving acceptable take-off performance, and also allowing a maximum speed of over Mach two. Equipped with a powerful radar, infrared search and track, and a selection of radar and infrared guided weapons, the MIG-23 was a formidable adversary and like its earlier brother it saw extensive export success in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

In the late 1980’s the USAF operated a squadron of examples obtained from certain Eastern European countries for evaluation purposes.

We offer two titles containing several scanned Russian publications covering single and twin-seat variants of the MIG-23, plus two manuals in English covering export aircraft.

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Title 1 contains:

  • Technical Description – Book One – Flying Characteristics MIG-23BN, with approx 216 pages. (In the Russian language.)
  • MIG-23U Description, Operating and Maintenance Instructions Book 1, Parts 1 and 2. Publication RK-245B Book 1, undated with approx 492 pages. (In English).
  • Aerodynamic Features and Critical Flight Mode Behaviour of the MIG-23, with approx 47 pages. (In the Russian language.)

Title 2 contains:

  • Instructions for Pilots for the MIG-23UB, 338 pages, Includes amendment 2 dated 1977. (In the Russian language.)
  • Technical Description – Book One – Flying Characteristics MIG-23UB, with approx 140 pages. (In the Russian language.) The UB is the twin seat operational trainer.
  • MIG-23UB Pilots Operating Instructions, Version B, Flight Performance. Undated with approx 209 pages. (In English)