Title: MIG-29

The MIG-29 was designed to a 1972 specification and made its first flight in 1977. Development was protracted and the type was not declared operational until 1985. Detailed information first became available to the West when a squadron of MIG-29’s visited Finland in 1986. Since then the aircraft has become very well known and has achieved considerable export success as well as appearing at numerous airshows. A squadron of aircraft previously operated by the East German Air Arm was inherited by the German Luftwaffe when Germany unified in the 1990’s. Since then the aircraft have been flown in Red Flag exercises and have been modified to make them compatible for NATO operations. Fortunately for us the Luftwaffe re-wrote their flight manual in the USAF format in English and this flight manual is now available.

This title contains the Luftwaffe Flight Manual, plus a couple of Russian Instruction manuals. The files have been scanned from the original flight manual and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Luftwaffe Flight Manual for the MIG-29, GAF T.O. 1F-MIG29-1 dated 30 Sept 1994, revised to 20 Sept 2001, with approx 454 pages. It covers both the single seat MIG-29G and two-seat MIG-29GT versions. The Luftwaffe flight manual is in English and follows the USAF format almost exactly, except it tends to be better quality and does not show the economies of production that later USAF flight manuals do. It has many illustrations including several colour fold-out illustrations at the back.
  • Flight Instruction Manual (In the RUSSIAN language) for the MIG-29TP. Undated with approx 158 pages.
  • Flight Instruction Manual (In the RUSSIAN language) extract, for the MIG-29UM. Undated with approx 138 pages.