Title: Miles M.57 Aerovan

The Miles Aerovan was a short-range low-cost passenger and freight aircraft produced by the Miles company using their traditional wooden construction.

The first aircraft flew in January 1945, and when production ended in 1947 another 51 examples had followed.

This title contains civil flight and maintenance manuals for the Miles Aerovan plus some manufacturer publicity material. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturers Pilots Notes and Flight Manual for the Miles M.57 Aerovan, Publication No C.10 dated December 1946 with approx 85 pages.
  • Manufacturers Service Manual for the Miles M.57 Aerovan, Publication No C.9 (also designated NZAP 138 by the RNZAF) dated July 1946 with approx 336 pages.
  • Manufacturers Specification for the Miles Aerovan undated with approx 11 pages.
  • Manufacturers Descriptive Brochure for the Miles M.68, a four engined development of the Aerovan with a removable freight module. Undated with 4 pages.