Titles: North American P-51 Mustang No’s 1 to 8

Designed originally to a British requirement, the P-51 was notable for being flown less than a year after design work began. Initially powered by the Allison V-1710 engine, the type came into its own when the Packard-built Rolls-Royce Merlin engine was installed from the B model onwards. This improved the high-altitude performance and allowed the aircraft to carry out the long range bomber escort mission.

Over 15,000 examples of all models were produced and the aircraft saw service with many different air arms.  Its performance and versatility were such that the type was the main fighter aircraft for the western nations at the start of the Korean war and was only superseded when jet fighters such as the F-86 entered service. Many remained in service well into the 50’s with some smaller air arms retaining them until the late 1970’s. It remains a popular performer as a warbird and on the airshow circuit.

We offer eight titles on this magnificent aircraft, containing flight manuals for most variants of the Mustang, including manuals from foreign air arms and some nice manufacturer produced manuals. There also some maintenance manuals and parts manuals, and two aircraft profiles. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages, unless otherwise stated. Each title is US$9.95.

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Title 1 contains:

  • North American Aviation produced Flight Manual for the P-51A Mustang, Report NA-5645, undated with approx. 169 pages.
  • North American Aviation produced Flight Manual for the P-51B/C Mustang, Report NA-5740, undated with approx. 228 pages.
  • North American Aviation produced Flight Manual for the P-51D Mustang, Report NA-5914, dated 9 February 1945 with approx. 185 pages.

Title 2 contains:

  • USAAF Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions for the P-51, T.O. 01-60JB-1 (AP 2025C-PN) dated 10-1-43 with approx. 39 pages.
  • USAAF Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions for the A-36A-1, AN 01-60HB-1 dated 20-3-43 revised to 25-6-44, with approx. 80 pages.
  • USAAF Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions for the P-51A-1,-2,-5,-10 and Mustang II, AN 01-60JC-1 (AP 2025C-PN) dated 15-3-43 revised to 25-10-43, with approx. 54 pages.

Title 3 contains:

  • USAAF Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions for the P-51B-1, AN 01-60JD-1 dated 1-7-43, with approx 71 pages.
  • USAAF Pilot Training Manual for the P-51 Mustang, mostly covering the B/C variants with an appendix for the D variant, undated with approx. 120 pages.
  • Aircraft Profile No 100 covering the North American P-51B/C Mustang, dated Nov 1971 with 12 pages.

Title 4 contains:

  • USAAF Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions for the P-51D-5,-10,-15,-20,-25,-30, P-51K-1,-5,-10,-15, P-51M-1,-5, British model Mustang IV, AN 01-60JE-1 dated 5-8-45 with approx. 114 pages.
  • North American Erection and Maintenance manual for the P-51D, Report NA-5865 dated 22-3-44 with approx. 435 pages.
  • USAF Parts Catalog for the F-51D, TF-51D and F-51K, AN 01-60JE-4 dated 1-3-45 revised to 15-5-53 with approx. 391 pages. (Scanned from a copy.)
  • Aircraft Profile No 8 covering the North American P-51D Mustang, dated 1965 with 12 pages.

Title 5 contains:

  • RAF Pilot’s Notes (the RAF equivalent of a flight manual) for the Mustang I (P-51), AP2025A-PN dated Sept 1941 with approx. 58 pages.
  • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Mustang III (P-51B), AP2025G-PN dated June 1944 with approx. 40 pages.
  • RAF Provisional Air Publication Volume One (Servicing and descriptive handbook, the RAF maintenance manual), AP 2025G Vol 1 (North American Report NA-5692) dated 1/44 with approx. 531 pages.

Title 6 contains:

  • RAAF Pilots Notes for the Mustang, RAAF Publication no 789 dated September 1950 with approx 50 pages. This covers the P-51D built under licence in Australia by the Commonwealth Aircraft Company in 1945 – 48 under the designations CA-17 and CA-18.
  • RCAF Pilot’s Operating Instructions for the Mustang 4, EO 05-55C-1 dated 2-12-52 revised to 5-1-54, with approx 55 pages.
  • RNZAF Pilot’s Notes for the Mustang P-51D, NZAP 2025H-PN revised to 28-5-55 with approx. 61 pages.
  • Netherlands Air Force Handboek for the P-51 D, (appears to be a type of service manual), TD Publ No 1 dated August 1945 with approx. 165 pages. (In the Dutch language.)

Title 7 contains:

  • USAAF Pilot’s Handbook for the P-51H-1, -5 and -10, AN 01-60JF-1 dated 10-10-45 revised to 30-9-46, with approx. 52 pages.
  • USAAF Erection and Maintenance Instructions for the P-51H-1, -5 and -10, AN 01-60JF-2 dated 13-7-45 revised to 9-10-46, with approx. 454 pages.
  • North American Preliminary Parts Catalog for the P-51H-1, -5, NA Report NA-8434 dated 22-1-45 with approx. 167 pages.

Title 8 contains:

  • Flight Handbook for the Cavalier Mustang F-51D, Cavalier T.O. 1F-51D-1, produced by Field Services as a reproduction of the USAF Flight Handbook, dated 15-9-67 revised to 5-3-68 with approx. 128 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s brochure for the Cavalier Executive Mustang, produced by Trans Florida Aviation, the predecessor of Field Services, dated 1961 with 8 pages.
  • USAF Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the F-51D and TF-51D, T.O. 01-60JE-1 dated 15-7-52 with approx. 130 pages.
  • North American produced Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the XP-51J,  NA Report No NA-8057 dated 20-2-45, with approx. 51 pages.  (The XP-51J was an experimental version of the re-designed lightweight NA-105 model, which later became the basis of the P-51H, but using the Allison V-1710 engine.) Scanned from a photocopy.