Title: North American X-15

The X-15 is the fastest manned aircraft ever produced. Designed for Mach 6 at 250,000 ft the aircraft was actually a rocketship and was probably the most remarkable and valuable of the X-series of aircraft. Dropped from a B-52 mothership the X-15 first flew in 1959, and over almost 200 flights through the early sixties reached a maximum altitude of 354,000 ft and a speed of 4,534 mph.

This title contains a scan of an original flight manual for the North American X-15, signed by two of the test pilots who flew it, along with two other manuals scanned from good quality photocopies of the original flight manuals, plus an interesting 1955 publication detailing the original design summary.



This title contains:

  • USAF Utility Flight Manual for the X-15. TO 1X-15-1 dated 29-12-61, with approx 126 pages.
  • Interim USAF Flight Manual FHB-23-1 dated 18-3-60, revised to 12-5-61, with approx 160 pages.
  • NASA X-15 Ground Rescue Manual dated 23-11-62, with approx 50 pages.
  • North American produced Design Summary for the X-15 Advanced Research Airframe, originally classified Secret. Report NA-55-221 dated 9-5-55 with with approx 62 pages.