Title: Piaggio PD808

The PD-808 was developed as a joint venture between the Douglas Aircraft Company of Long Beach and Piaggio of Italy. Initially known as the “Vespa-Jet” due to its small size, the first example flew in 1964. Unfortunately there was a lack of commercial interest in the aircraft and Douglas withdrew from the project. Piaggio continued with Italian government funding, but only 24 aircraft were built, 22 of which went to the Italian Air Force for VIP transport, training, electronic warfare and calibration duties.

This title contains two manuals for the Piaggio PD-808 including the flight manual, in Italian, and one brochure in English. The files have been copied from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Italian Air Force Flight Manual (Titled Istruzione e Norme Per Il Pilotaggio) for the Piaggio PD 808, Versioni VIP and TA. In Italian. Document AA. 1C-PD 808-1 dated June 1972 with approx 318 pages. In Italian.
  • Italian Air Force Parts Catalog (Titled Catalogo Illustrato Delle Parti Di Ricambio) for the Piaggio PD 808. Document AA. 1C-PD 808-4 1st Edition dated June 1972 with approx 1083 pages. In Italian.
  • Manufacturers illustrated colour sales brochure for the PD-808, in English, undated with approx 12 pages.