Title:  Putzer Elster

The Putzer Elster (Magpie) motor-glider was the first powered aircraft produced in any significant numbers in Germany since WW2 and first flew in 1959. It used the wing from the earlier Doppelraab glider with a new plywood fuselage. Production ended in 1967 after 45 examples had been built.

Although the principle operators were the Luftwaffe and MarineFleiger the aircraft were used solely for recreational sport flying. The aircraft initially wore civilian registrations but in 1971 they were allocated military serials. In 1978 the manufacturer’s maintenance contract expired and the aircraft were sold onto the civil market.

This title contains the Luftwaffe technical manual for the Putzer Elster which is basically a reprint of the manufacturer’s flight and maintenance manuals. The file has been scanned from the original flight manual and retains any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • Luftwaffe Flughandbuch und Wartung (Flight and Maintenance Instructions) for the Putzer Elster, document GAF 1L-ELSTER(B)-1 dated 1-5-74 at Revision 1 dated 2-12-76 with approx. 88 pages. (In the German language.)