Title: Republic F-105 Thunderchief

Designed as a high-performance successor to the F84F Thunderstreak the first YF-105A first flew in 1955 using the J57 engine. A new variant using the more powerful J75 engine was put into production as the F-105B and this entered service in 1958. Although designated “F” the F-105 was really an all-weather attack bomber carrying 8,000 lbs of nuclear or conventional weapons in an internal weapons bay, in additional to significant wing stores carrying capability.

The F-105D model had a more powerful version of the J75 engine and a true all-weather capability. A two seat combat proficiency trainer version of the D model was developed and designated F-105F. The last variant, the F-105G, was the two seat F modified for Wild Weasel anti-SAM missions in Vietnam.

This title has flight manuals covering all variants of the F-105. The YF-105A has been scanned from a good quality photocopy and the others have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • USAF Utility Flight Handbook for the YF-105A, T.O. 1F-105(Y)A-1 dated 30-1-56, with approx 124 pages.
  • USAF Flight handbook for the F-105B, T.O. 1F-105B-1 dated 15-11-56, with approx 182 pages. (This is probably one of the very first F-105B manuals and was  originally classified Confidential.)
  • USAF Flight manual for the F-105D,F,G, T.O. 1F-105D-1 dated 30-6-69, revised to 9-9-70, with approx 894 pages.