Title: Sikorsky S-52 HO5S

The Sikorsky S-52 was a utility helicopter which first flew in 1947 and was the first US helicopter to use all-metal blades. It set several speed and altitude records in 1948 and in 1949 was the first helicopter to complete a loop.

93 examples were built, primarily for military users, and the airframe formed the basis for Sikorsky’s unsuccessful contender for the contract which produced the Bell UH-1. In the early 1990’s a kit version for amateur construction was developed as the Vertical Hummingbird.

This title contains the US military Flight Manual for the HO5S-1 and the Manufacturer’s Flight Manual for the civil S-52. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages unless otherwise stated.



This title contains:

  • USN Pilot’s Handbook for the Sikorsky HO5S-1, AN 01-230HHA-1 dated 1 Dec 1951 with approx. 42 pages.
  • Manufacturer produced CAA approved Rotorcraft Flight Manual for the Sikorsky S-52-3, document SA4045-10 dated 31 Jan 1952 with approx. 38 pages. (Scanned from a photocopy.)