Title: Vickers Wellesley

The Vickers Wellesley was a 3 seat single-engined monoplane bomber which first flew in June 1935 but which was originally designed as a biplane. Submitted as the Type 253 to RAF Specification G.4/31, it was the successful design and awarded a production contract for 150 aircraft. However Vickers had designed in parallel as a private venture the type 256 monoplane aircraft and when this aircraft flew the production contract was transferred to the monoplane.

The type used the geodesic construction technique, later made famous by its use in the Wellington bomber, but in spite of this by the start of WW2 only 4 years later the type was considered obsolete. 5 RAF squadrons were equipped with the type, and in addition 5 examples were modified for long-range operation trials.  By 1939 none remained in active service in England, with 3 squadrons based in the middle east, but all had been withdrawn from service by late 1942.

This title contains the RAF Air Publication (Volume One – Descriptive & Servicing Manual) for the Vickers Wellesley, (it was too early to have pilot’s notes), along with a nice manufacturer’s brochure on the aircraft. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • RAF Air Publication AP 1524A Volume 1 (Servicing and Descriptive Handbook), 1st Edition dated Sept 1937, covering the Vickers Wellesley aeroplane with Pegasus XX engine, with approx. 106 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s publicity brochure for the Vickers Wellesley, undated with approx. 20 pages.