Title: WACO CG-13

The Waco CG-13 was the result of a USAAF requirement for a transport glider larger than the CG-4 and first flew in early 1943. However production contracts were awarded not to Waco but to the Ford Motor Company of Kingsland, Michigan and Northwestern Aeronautical of St Paul, Minnesota.

Between the two companies around 135 examples were produced before contracts were cancelled in favour of producing more CG-4s. Only one CG-13 is believed to have been used in combat. France and England used the type but only for transport, never in combat.

This title contains the flight manual and the maintenance manual for the Waco CG-13 military transport glider. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

    • USAAF Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions for the Waco CG-13A glider, T.O. 09-40CB-1 dated 15-7-44, with approx. 21 pages.
    • USAAF Erection & Maintenance Instructions for the CG-13A glider, T.O. 09-40CB-2 dated 5-10-44, with approx. 108 pages.

This page is dedicated to Flying Officer Robert L. Harman, a WW2 pilot who initially flew the CG-4A glider until he trained to fly the larger CG-13A troop carrying glider. After the use of gliders was no longer needed he finished the war as a co-pilot of C-46 cargo planes carrying petrol to Patton’s Third Army as it advanced into Germany.  Thanks to his son Steve for the supply of these manuals.