Title: Wing Derringer

The Wing Derringer was an attractive twin-engined general aviation aircraft developed in the USA in the 1960’s. The aircraft was designed in 1958 by well-known designer John Thorp (Fletcher Fu24, Piper Cherokee etc) as a twin-engined version of his T-11 Sky-Scooter. The design was taken over by George Wing of the Hi-Shear Corporation, and a certification program was undertaken leading to a type certificate being issued in 1966. However the aircraft did not go into production due to internal problems within Hi-Shear.

In 1978 George Wing left Hi-Shear and started the Wing Aircraft Company. A number of aircraft were completed until the company went bankrupt in 1982, after which one further aircraft and a number of uncompleted airframes were produced.

This title contains the Pilot’s Operating Handbook for the Wing Derringer plus a manufacturers publicity brochure. The files have been scanned from the original manuals unless otherwise stated and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Pilot’s Manual dated February 1968 for the Wing Derringer, and FAA approved Airplane Flight Manual for the Wing Model D-1 Derringer, Report RDI-16 dated 12 August 1969, with a total of approx. 79 pages. (Scanned from a copy, part 1 page 4 of the FM missing.)
  • Manufacturer’s Descriptive Brochure for the Wing Derringer, dated June 1969 with approx. 9 pages.