Title: AIRBUS A300

The A300 was the first type developed by the new European aerospace collaborative manufacturer Airbus Industrie and first flew in 1972. It was the first wide-body twin-engined airliner and initially sales were slow until an order from Eastern Airlines, which had leased some examples and discovered their considerably better fuel consumption than their existing L-1011 Tristars. lead to steady sales over three decades.

When production ended in 2007 561 examples had been delivered. The basic fuselage cross-section and cockpit design were retained for the later A330 and A340 longer-range aircraft, and it was also the basis for the Beluga over-sized cargo transporter. The type put Airbus on the world stage, gave them experience of building, selling and maintaining jet airliners, and lead them to become a true competitor to Boeing.

This title contains the Eastern Airlines flight manual for the A300B, a general manufacturer’s brochure and a manufacturer’s brochure on the updated A310/A300-600 flight deck. The files have been scanned from the original documents unless otherwise stated and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  •  Eastern Airlines Airplane Flight Manual for the Airbus A300B2-103, A300B4-103 and A300B4-203, last revised to amendment 105 dated 10-9-85 with approx. 741 pages. (Scanned from a copy).
  • Manufacturer’s brochure titled “A300B Design Features”, undated with approx. 24 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s brochure titled “New World – A310 and A300-600 Flight Deck”, document AI/CS-P50 dated May 1983 with approx. 38 pages.