Titles: Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador No’s 1 to 3

The Airspeed Ambassador was designed to meet the specifications of the Brabrazon committee, a British government committee formed to consider the future of civil aviation after WW2. Their specifications failed to take into account the new gas turbine engines and the large number of surplus wartime transports which flooded the market.

In the event it was probably the latter which most affected the Ambassador, and only 23 examples of this very aesthetic aircraft were produced. These all went to British European Airlines (BEA) initially, which gave them the generic name “Elizabethan”, but their popularity decreased with the introduction of turboprop powered aircraft such as the Vickers Viscount, and they then drifted down to third-level airlines to serve out their remaining time. Two examples were re-engined with Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engines and used in simulated airline operations in preparation for the introduction of the Vickers Vanguard. One example was converted to use Napier Eland turboprop engines.

We offer three titles covering the beautiful Ambassador. The first title includes the manufacturer’s combined flight and maintenance manual plus a manufacturer’s brochure. The second contains the BEA operating manual for the standard Ambassador (known by BEA as the Elizabethan), plus a manufacturer’s detailed technical presentation and a BEA publicity leaflet. The third contains the flight manual for the two examples of Tyne turbo-prop powered Ambassadors used by BEA for trials, known as Tyne-Elizabethans, plus a detailed technical specification for the Ambassador fitted with Napier Eland turboprops. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages. Each title is US$9.95.

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Title 1 contains:

  • Manufacturer’s manual for the Airspeed Ambassador, titled “Ambassador Aircraft Manual”, Publication No 107 revised to 1955, with approx 473 pages. This is a combined flight manual and maintenance manual.
  • Manufacturer’s publicity brochure for the Airspeed Ambassador, dated August 1950 with 8 pages.

Title 2 contains:

  • BEA Operations Manual for the “Elizabethan”, BEA Approved Technical Publication No 114 revised to 1956,with approx 365 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s “Presentation” for the Airspeed Ambassador, dated July 1949 with approx. 65 pages. Contains a detailed description of the design and operating philosophy, including operating economics.
  • BEA publicity brochure for the “Elizabethan”, undated with 5 pages.

Title 3 contains:

  • BEA Operations Manual for the “Tyne Elizabethan”, revised to amdt 89 dated September 1959, approx 330 pages. (Consists of the standard manual as above, but with revised pages where the Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engine installation has caused changes.)
  • Napier produced Specification Brochure for the Eland Elizabethan (Ambassador with the Napier Eland turboprop installed), Construction and Development Memo No 74 dated Nov 1955 with approx. 136 pages. (One aircraft, G-ALFR was converted but only completed initial trials.)