Title: Alenia / Embraer AMX

Development of the AMX began in 1978 as an intended replacement for the Fiat G.91 and some variants of the F-104. Following negotiations between the Italian and Brazilian governments Embraer was invited to join the program.

The prototype first flew in 1984 and production started in 1986 with final assembly lines in both Italy and Brazil. Nearly 200 examples have been built in both single-seat and twin-seat configuration and serve with the Italian, Brazilian and Venezuelan air forces.

This title includes flight manuals covering the single seat and twin-seat variants of the AMX plus a publicity brochure, all in English. The files have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.


This title contains:

  • Flight Manual for the AMX, AER 1F-AMX-1 dated 1-8-89 with approx. 409 pages.
  • Flight Manual for the AMX Two-seater, AER 1F-AMX(T)-1 dated 15-4-94 with approx. 566 pages.
  • Manufacturers illustrated colour sales brochure for the AMX, undated with approx. 29 pages.