Title: Avro 626 Prefect

The Avro 626 was developed from the Avro 621, by adding an additional cockpit aft of the standard rear cockpit, which enabled the aircraft to be used for additional roles such as navigation, wireless and gunnery training. It first flew in 1930 and 198 airframes were built.

The type was aggressively marketed by Avro and examples were purchased by a number of air arms in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and South America. The type was largely obsolete by 1945 and a single example remains active with the RNZAF Museum.

This title contains the manufacturer’s civil Instruction handbook for the Avro 626 and the RAF military handbook for the Prefect I along with a manufacturer’s publicity leaflet. The files have been scanned from the original documents and retain any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual for the Avro 626 Training Aeroplane, with notes on rigging, maintenance and repair. Revised Edition dated June 1935 with approx. 73 pages.
  • RAF Servicing and Descriptive Handbook for the Avro Prefect Aeroplane (Lynx IV Engine), Air Publication 1513 Volume 1, 1st Edition dated November 1935 with approx. 60 pages (40 pages text, 20 pages illustrations).
  • Manufacturer’s publicity leaflet for the Avro 626, undated (but probably mid 1930’s) with approx. 4 pages. In the English, French and German languages.