Titles: Boeing B-47 Stratojet No’s 1 to 3

The B-47 first flew in 1947 and was the USAF’s first modern jet bomber designed to take advantage of advances in aerodynamics pioneered by the Germans and obtained by the US at the end of WW2. It’s highly swept high aspect ratio wing design paved the way for the later larger B-52 stategic bomber and also contributed significantly to the development of the new jet airliners with swept wings and podded engines.

Over 2,000 B-47’s of all models were built and they remained in service until the late 1960’s. The aircraft never saw combat but was used in a variety of roles including reconnaissance, electronic warfare and as a testbed.

We offer three titles for the Boeing B-47, covering several variants including the initial model, drone controllers, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. Each title costs US$9.95. Each file has been scanned from the original flight manuals and retains any colour pages.

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Title 1 contains:

  • USAF Handbook Flight Operating Instructions for the B-47A, AN 01-20ENA-1 dated 1-7-50, revised to 30-10-50, with approx 90 pages.
  • USAF Flight Handbook for the B-47B and B-47E, T.O. 1B-47E-1 dated 30-6-55, revised to 30-9-55, with approx 802 pages.

Title 2 contains:

  • USAF Utility Flight Handbook for the YDB-47E, T.O. 1B-47(D)(Y)E-1 dated 1-3-54, revised to 25-7-54, with approx 393 pages.
  • USAF Flight Manual for the WB-47E, T.O.1B-47(W)E-1 dated 30-6-63 revised to 30-9-63, with approx 711 pages.

Title 3 contains:

  • USAF Flight Handbook for the TB-47B, T.O.1B-47(T)B-1 dated 31-8-56, with approx 779 pages.
  • USAF Flight Manual for the R-47H, T.O. 1R-47H-1 dated 28-2-62, with approx 919 pages.