Title: Canadair CL-44

The Canadair company in Montreal, Canada acquired the rights to licence produce the Bristol Britannia. The first use for this was a piston-engine powered variant for maritime reconnaissance, the CL-28 Argus. The company next produced a transport very similar to the Bristol aircraft known by the RCAF as the CC-106 Yukon. A civil freighter variant was produced with a unique folding tail for freight loading, known as the CL44. This used the windscreens from the Convair CV880 as the original Britannia windscreens would not meet the latest safety standards. 27 were built and these were used successfully by numerous smaller freight airlines around the world. One example was converted into “guppy” configuration with an enlarged fuselage.

To maximise value, this title contains the Flight Manuals for both the CL-44 and the earlier Yukon military transport, along with a nice manufacturer’s brochure for the CL44. The Flight Manuals have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Canadair Manufacturers Operating Manual for the CL44J (A stretched variant of the CL44 produced especially for the Icelandic airline Loftleideir for passenger transport), Service Publication No 189 dated between January 1961 and March 1966, with approx. 934 pages.
  • Manufacturer’s colour brochure for the Canadair Forty-Four, Publication No 112 dated October 1959 with approx. 28 pages.
  • Canadian Forces (RCAF) Aircraft Operating Instructions for the Yukon, EO 05-155A-1 dated 29-4-66 revised to 30-1-70, with approx. 427 pages.