Title: Convair CV990

Developed by Convair as a competitor to the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8 series aircraft, the Convair 880 and 990 series of aircraft never attained the success of the earlier two aircraft and in fact resulted in the biggest commercial loss in US corporate history at that time.

Convair designed the aircraft for less passengers and higher speed but the five-abreast cabin had poor payload, less passenger appeal and limited airline options.

Only 48 of the CV880’s, intended for domestic use, were built. The CV990 was a higher capacity higher performance version intended for international use but only 31 were eventually produced.

This title covers the CV990 and includes the manufacturers flight and operation manuals.



This Title contains:

This title contains two manuals produced by the manufacturer for the Convair 990 Model 30, has been scanned from the original manuals and retains any colour pages:

  • Provisional Flight Manual for the Convair 990 Model 22-M, Report CS-61-048 dated 20-10-61, with approx 160 pages. Contains Sections 1 to 4; Limitations, Normal procedures, Emergency procedures, and Performance information.
  • Operation Manual for the Convair 990 Model 30, Report CS-61-049 dated 23-10-61, with approx 390 pages. Contains Sections 5 to 20, being a detailed technical description of the aircraft and its systems.