Title: Edgar Percival EP.9 Prospector

The EP.9 was designed by Edgar Percival, a famous Australian aircraft designer, mostly associated with another company bearing his name but which he had left in 1940.

After studying agricultural aircraft operations in New Zealand in the early 1950’s, Percival designed the EP.9 to meet a New Zealand government specification for an agricultural aircraft and formed a new company at Stapleford airfield to develop and produce the aircraft. Unfortunately the aircraft never broke into the New Zealand market which was dominated by the Fletcher FU.24, and only a small number of aircraft were produced. In 1958 the company was sold and renamed Lancashire Aircraft, and development continued on a smaller scale. In the end only 27 airframes were produced. Two were bought and operated by the British Army, and the others were well thought of by their owners for their versatility and STOL performance.

The title includes the flight manual (titled Pilot’s Notes) and the maintenance manual, plus two manufacturers brochures. The Flight Manuals have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.




This title contains:

  • Manufacturers Pilot’s Notes for the EP.9 dated 15 April 1957 with approx 48 pages.
  • Manufacturers Maintenance Manual for the EP.9,  undated with approx 190  pages.
  • Lancashire Aircraft manufacturers publicity brochure for the Prospector, undated with approx 3 pages.
  • Lancashire Aircraft manufacturers publicity brochure for the Prospector 4 (an unbuilt projected development of the original EP.9), dated 1962 with approx 5 pages.