EKW C-3603 & C-3605


Title: EKW C-3603 and C-3605

The C-3603 is a multi-purpose fighter-bomber designed in 1939 by the Swiss Federal Constructions Works (EKW) and is comparable to the Ilyushin IL-2. However, the C.3603 has a twin fin layout, allowing the rear gunner to have better visibility. Around 160 were built and were used during WW2 to defend Swiss neutrality. The aircraft were then relegated to training and target-towing duties.

In 1973 24 examples were converted to Lycoming T53 Turbo -prop power and re-designated C-3605. These aircraft had a dsitinctive long nose and additional fins to compensate.

This title contains the Swiss Air Force flight manuals (in German) for both the C-3603 and C-3605. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Swiss Air Force Pilots Manual (Titled “Bedienungsvorschrift  Fur Piloten”), document 56.152 dated 1960, approx. 51 pages. (In the German language.)
  • Swiss Air Force Pilots Manual (Titled “Handbuch Fur Piloten”) document 56.152d Turbo dated 1973, approx. 94 pages. (In the German language.)