Title: Hawker Typhoon

The Hawker Typhoon first flew in 1940 and was intended to be a replacement for the Hawker Hurricane in the high-altitude interceptor role. Problems in development lead to delays and almost cancellation, but the aircraft secured a role initially as a low-level interceptor. In 1942 the aircraft was switched to a low-level attack role, as it’s powerful engine allowed the carriage of a heavy bomb-load. It became most famous when equipped with rocked launchers and was particularly effective against tactical targets such as tanks and trains. A total of 3,317 were built.

This title contains the flight and maintenance manuals for the Hawker Typhoon. The flight manuals have been scanned from the original manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • RAF Pilot’s Notes for the Typhoon IA and IB, AP 1804A-PN 2nd Edition dated November 1943 with approx 36 pages.
  • RAF Servicing and Descriptive Handbook for the Typhoon, Air Publication 1804A Volume 1, dated October 1941 with approx 287 pages.