Title: McDonnell-Douglas T-45 Goshawk

The McDonnell-Douglas T-45 was a licence built version of the BAe Hawk, built in the USA for the US Navy. However the changes needed to make it carrier compatible have changed it into a considerably different aircraft. The original T-45A had an analog cockpit and entered service in 1991, the later T-45C had an EFIS cockpit and entered service in 1997. All T-45A’s have been converted to T-45C standard, and 221 T-45’s were delivered in total.

This title contains the flight and performance manuals for the original Boeing (McDonnell-Douglas) T-45A carrier jet trainer plus similar flight manuals for the later EFIS equipped T-45C, plus a pilot’s checklist applicable to both models.



This title contains:

  • NATOPS Flight Manual for the T-45A (S/N 163599 and up), A1-T45AB-NFM-000 dated 15-1-97, revised to 1-6-01, with approx 736 pages.
  • NATOPS Flight Manual Performance Charts for the T-45A/C (S/N 163599 and up), A1-T45AB-NFM-300 dated 15-8-97, with approx 186 pages.
  • NATOPS Flight Manual for the T-45C (S/N 163635, 163651, 165080 & up; Also 163599 thru 163634, 163636 thru 163650, 163652 thru 165079 after AFC 279), A1-T45AC-NFM-000 dated 15-4-03, revised to Change 3 dated 1-4-07, with approx 655 pages.
  • NATOPS Pilot’s Pocket Checklist for the T-45A/C (S/N 1635990 and up), A1-T45AC-NFM-500 dated 15-4-03, revised to 1-10-04, with approx 158 pages.