Title: Mignet HM.14 Flying Flea

Henri Mignet was a French radio engineer who developed a passion for aviation and designed a series of small simple amateur-built aircraft, producing his most famous design, the HM.14 Pou-de-Ciel in 1933. He saw it as a way for the average person to enter aviation at a reasonable cost and actively encouraged others to build examples. He produced a book with comprehensive instructions on how to build and fly the aircraft.

Many examples were under construction in England and France, but after a number of accidents the type was wind tunnel tested in France and England and a fundamental design flaw was discovered. In a shallow dive, as the speed built up, the rear wing developed more lift and pushed the nose down. The pilot’s natural reaction to pull back on the stick made the situation worse. Design changes were made which corrected this problem, but by then the aircraft had a poor reputation and was even banned in some countries.

This title includes the book published by Henri Mignet in the 1930’s giving full details of how to build and fly the Flying Flea, translated into English by the Air League. The file has been scanned from the original manual and retains any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Book titled “The Flying Flea” by Henri Mignet, “How to build and Fly it”. Translated and published by the Air League of the British Empire, undated but probably mid-1930’s with approx. 265 pages. A complete guide on how to build the aircraft including material suppliers etc (from the 1930’s though.)