Title: Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing

The Northrop Flying Wings were the brainchild of Jack Northrop, who conceived the “flying wing” as a means of reducing parasitic drag and eliminating structural weight not directly responsible for producing lift. In theory, the flying wing could carry a greater payload faster, farther, and cheaper than a conventional bomber.

In 1941 the USAAF issued a specification for a long-range bomber capable of carrying 10,000 lbs of bombs 10,000 nm. This contract, won by the Convair B-36 design, was extended to include the work Northrop was doing.

The first XB-35 flew in June 1946. The aircraft suffered from a large range of technical difficulties, but was already made obsolete by the jet engine. Three YB-35 aircraft were converted to jet power, two YB-49s with eight Allison J35 engines in the wing, and one YRB-49A with four engines in the wing and two in external pods. Two aircraft were lost in accidents, and the remaining prototype and all semi-completed airframes were scrapped.

This title contains the flight manual and  maintenance manual for the XB-35, and the parts catalogue for the XB-35/YB-49. The files have been scanned from copies of the flight manuals.



This title contains:

    • Manufacturers Pilot’s Handbook for the XB-35 (AAF 42-13603), Northrop Report No HB-18, undated with approx. 84 pages.
    • Manufacturers Handbook of Erection and Maintenance Instructions for the XB-35 (AAF 42-13603), Northrop Report No HB-20, dated 1-6-47 with approx. 654 pages.
    • USAF Parts Catalog for the YB-35, YB-35A and YB-49, AN 01-15EAA-4 dated 10-8-48 with approx. 368 pages.