VFW 614


Title: VFW614

Designed in then West Germany as their first post-war jet airliner the development was largely funded by the Federal Government. Developed especially for short-range flights in undeveloped countries, the aircraft was optimised for short field performance and the overwing engine location permitted a short sturdy undercarriage.

First flight of the prototype was in 1971, but only 19 aircraft were built. Production was discontinued in 1978 and the manufacturer eventually bought back most examples to avoid costly aftermarket support. Three aircraft were operated by the Luftwaffe until the late 1990’s.

This title contains two flight manuals and two brochures for the VFW 614. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.



This title contains:

  • Manufacturer’s Flight Handbook for the VFW 614 Volume 1 – Operating Information; Contains Limitations, normal and emergency procedures, expanded procedures with much technical detail, checklists, Minimum Equipment List, etc. Dated 1977/78, with approx. 550 pages.
  • Manufacturers Flight Training Manual for the VFW 614, dated 1 March 1976 with approx. 159 pages.
  • Manufacturers brochure for the VFW 614, at the project stage, dated February 1967 with 36 pages.
  • Manufacturers brochure for the VFW614, Report 9081 dated November 1973 with 34 pages.