CAPRONI Ca310 and Ca311


Title: Caproni Ca310 and Ca311

The Caproni Ca310 was one of a family of military aircraft derived from the earlier Ca306/308 civil airliner, and was a twin-engined monoplane reconnaissance aircraft which first flew in 1937. Around 312 examples were built and a number were exported to European and South American air arms. In general however the performance of the aircraft was disappointing and it could only be used in roles where little opposition was expected.

The Ca 311 was another member of the same family, being a modification of the Ca310 but using a fully glazed nose and additional windows in the fuselage. 335 were built and a number were supplied to several Balkan air arms.

This title includes the maintenance manual for the Ca310 and the illustrated parts catalog for the Ca311, in Italian. The files have been scanned from the original flight manuals and retain any colour pages.

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This title contains:

  • Italian Ministry of Defence manual titled “Istruzione e norme per il Montaggio la Regolazione, L’Impiego e la Manutenzione” (Erection and Maintenance Manual) for the C.A. 310, document reference C.A. 371/1 dated 1939 with approx. 208 pages. (In the Italian language.)
  • Italian Ministry of Defence manual titled “Catalogo Nomeclatore” (Parts Catalog) for the Caproni Ca 311 dated 1941 with approx. 369 pages. (In the Italian language.)