Title:  Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster

The XB-42 was an experimental bomber designed to maximise speed. It used two fuselage mounted Allison engines driving a rear mounted contra-rotating propeller to leave a very clean wing. The first of two prototypes flew in May 1944.

The aircraft proved fast but the end of WW2 changed priorities and the advent of jet engines solved any problems with speed, and the program was discontinued.

This title includes the flight manual and maintenance manual for the XB-42, and to maximise value, the title also includes the flight manual from the later jet-powered XB-43. Due to their rarity the flight manuals have been scanned from a photocopy while the maintenance manual has been scanned from the original.



This title contains:

  • Douglas produced Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the XB-42 dated 7 August 1945 with approx. 69 pages. Produced from a second generation photocopy.
  • Douglas produced Preliminary Handbook of Erection and Maintenance Instructions for the XB-42 dated 18 April 1944 with approx. 227 pages.
  • Douglas produced Pilot’s Handbook for the XB-43 dated 14 February 1947 with approx. 48 pages. Produced from a second generation photocopy.